9 Tauron Nowa Muzyka

The first thought of putting together our very own musical festival came in 2006. Honestly speaking the idea behind it was very simple from the very start. We wanted to show the polish public (at that time only them) what’s according to our choice and taste the most interesting and valuable in the world of jazz, nu-jazz, electronics and dance music.

Our goal was to seek out and showcase genders and artists which were not, at that time, present in the polish media and public knowledge of the listeners.

Our dream was to create an event which would attract audience from the whole Poland and maybe the entire Europe. The name Nowa Muzyka (New Music) became a byword for what we’ve set out to achieve.

We have spent the last six years closely watching the lives and careers of the biggest names in the field of electronic music, as well as the promising upcomers. As organizers and promoters, we constantly strive to showcase artists that incorporate in their music the new, fresh and avant-garde ideas and influences and have the power to reach and inspire a huge audience.


Throughout the years we had the privilege and joy to host some of the hottest and biggest tars such as: Autechre, DJ Krush, Prefuse 73, Jamie Lidell, Amon Tobin, Flying Lotus, Battles, Bonobo and Fever Ray, just to name few. For most of them it was the first time they have ever performed in Poland.

Nowa Muzyka has also become the first and only outdoor festival to be staged in a post industrial surrounding of a closed down coal mine with its entire infrastructure pretty much intact and available for all visitors.

The combining of contemporary music with architectural heritage of our location as well as the entire Upper Silesian Region proved to be a huge success. We are truly proud and happy for all the recognition we keep receiving from our guest artists, audience and the media. 2010 saw us receive the European Festivals Award for Best Small European Festival! All this would not have happened without the support and love coming from our great audience! Thank you!

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