Tauron Festiwal Nowa Muzyka
9 Tauron Nowa Muzyka

How does the TNM 2016 festival’s location look like?


Please check back in a little while or go directly to MAP.


Where can I get the TNM 2016 festival current program?


You can check out the current the TNM 2016 Program + Lineup HERE.


Will I be allowed to take pictures during the festival?


You will only be allowed to enter the festival’s ground with digital device with an average of 7 mega pixel camera or less and without (most important factor) any additional setup (stands, external/radio flash lamps etc.). 


What currency will I need at the festival grounds?


Around the festival grounds you have to use special coupons. You can exchange regular money to our coupons at the designated exchange boxes situated next to the entry gates. We strongly advise not to purchase coupons from anyone who’s not a member of our staff as these coupons might me counterfeit.
Second payment option is a credit/debit card payment (might be limited to certain locations). 


Are there any special bus services operating during the festival?


Yes, there’s a special bus service operating around Katowice during the festival. This includes locations such as the festival main grounds / festival camping site and any other offside concert and additional events locations in Katowice. Check here for a ROUTE SCHEDULE


How can I exchange my ticket for a festival bracelet?


Tickets and entry passes have to be exchanged for festival bracelets upon first entry to festival grounds. Every bracelet can only be used by its holder and no one else. Any damage to the bracelet may result in it becoming invalid. You can get your festival bracelet in a designated exchange point located by the main gates and at a special location (to be confirmed) a few days before the festival starts.


Will there be a festival club operating during the festival?


Yes - the festival club is located at SZTAUWAJERY.


Will there be internet access on the festival?


Yes, there will be a wireless internet access (public wi-fi) around the festival grounds. You can also count on your 3G internet provider to get a quicker and more stable service. 


Are there going to be any additional attractions taking place during the festival?


All additional activities and how to attend them are available on our festival website (check PROGRAM section).


Can I carry an umbrella to the festival site?

You are only allowed to bring with you a small, foldable umbrella. All large umbrellas with pointy and sharp endings will not be allowed to the festival grounds.


Will there be a festival camping site?


Yes, there will be a TNM 2016 Official Camping Site available for everyone interested. You can learn more on how to book your spot HERE


Will there be luggage storage during the festival?


Of course there will be a luggage storage place operating right next to the main festival gates where you can lea all your belongings (opposite the main festival grounds). Be advised that he storage will only operate in between 2 p.m. and 1 a.m. 
The luggage deposit does require payment. Current price list will be presented on site.


Are there any discounts available for tickets?


No, our ticket prices are the same for everyone. We do not recognize student discounts etc.


Can I bring food and drinks to the festival grounds?


No, it’s strictly forbidden to enter the festival grounds with you own food and drinks. The festival has designated food and drink areas where you can purchase these items. All private food and drinks found on the festival gates will be confiscated.


Can I bring perscription drugs and any other medical substances to the festival grounds?


It's always tricky to get onto the festival grounds carying potentially illegal substances, so make sure you have your medical perscription with you as you might be asked to show it to the security personel and you might also be asked to report by our First Aid point to discuss your condition and get a confirmation that you are ok to take part in the event and carry your medications with you.

Car Park at Tauron Nowa Muzyka 2016?

Unfortunately not. We will not have a dedicated free/paid car park at TNM 2016. We strongly recommend to use one of the free city options available in town around the festival grounds or one of the paid options which we present below.


Exemplary car parks:

Al. Korfantego 24 (opposite Hotel Katowice, near the Roundabout).
City parking along the al. Korfantego (near the Sourcer).

Ul. Dudy Gracza 7 (Lidl car park- important: please learn the possible Lidl restrictions before using the car park).


Also, we recommend to use one of the paid shopping center cark parks by Galeria Katowicka (ul. 3 Maja 30) from where you can get to TNM grounds using public bus transport, and Silesia City Center, from where you can get to TNM using a city tram service. 


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