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Katowice for a change!


Katowice is one of the most dynamically developing cities in Poland. It is the capital of a voivodeship with the population of nearly 5 million inhabitants, well connected to the rest of Europe. The young city's catchphrase is “Katowice for a change” whose visual representation is a heart-shaped logo. It involves two images of the city – the traditional one with its industrial heritage and the modern one – creative and economically strong. The metropolis centre underwent a deep restructuring process in a short time.


The hi-tech sector services have become the mainstream of the municipal economy. Culture is another solid pillar of the town, which was confirmed by the status of Creative City in the area of music awarded to Katowice by UNESCO.


The large scale of transformation processes, that have recently taken place here, is best visible in the Culture Zone constructed on the premises of the former “Katowice” Coal Mine. In the vicinity of the legendary “Spodek” Arena, on the site where coal was extracted just a few years ago, the International Congress Centre came into being. In the neighbourhood there is a new seat of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra, where top worldwide famous musicians give concerts, as well as a new building of the Silesian Museum with its exhibits in the underground space.


Changing the image of Katowice, we do not forget the cultural heritage of the city, cordially inviting you to visit the historic district of Nikiszowiec and other places on the Industrial Monument Route. The launched as well as implemented large-scale investments make Katowice a modern metropolis worth visiting.  

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