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9 Tauron Nowa Muzyka
RA Movies powraca na XI. Tauron Nowa Muzyka 2016.

Kolejny raz połączyliśmy siły, żeby wspólnie z prestiżowym portalem muzycznym Resident Advisor przygotować dla was specjalny pokaz filmowy. Podczas RA Movies na XI. Tauron Nowa Muzyka 2016 zobaczycie jedne z najciekawszych i najnowszych dokumentów muzycznych zrealizowanych przez RA.


Pokaz odbędzie w katowickim Kinie Kosmos w dniu 20.08 (sobota). Start godzina 14:00 (duża sala). Wstęp dla festiwalowiczów to 5 PLN. 

Projekcie odbywają się bez przerw.


Oto całościowy program projekcji wraz z krótkimi opisami w języku angielskim. 

RA Sessions: Lucy

Luca Mortellaro has done more than most to broaden the idea of what techno can mean. Go back to 2009, and the first release on his label, Stroboscopic Artefacts. The Alpha Sampler was a mini compilation that featured three tracks with subtly spectacular sound design and an electrified beatless closer from Xhin, a Singaporean artist who became known for innovative techno transmissions. Bring things forward to the present day, and Stroboscopic Artefacts' latest release is Self Mythology, Mortellaro's third album, which features improvised vocals, flute and percussion from Jon Jacobs across nine deeply psychedelic tracks.

Director & Editor - Patrick Nation
Producer - Debbie Butts
Camera - Patrick Nation, Guy Clarke, Debbie Butts
Sound Engineer - Mark Smith

RA Sessions: King Midas Sound and Fennesz

"As far as I'm concerned my perfectionism, or attempted perfectionism, in what we are trying to do live isn't just selfish ego," Kevin Martin, better known as The Bug and King Midas Sound, told us last year. "It's as much—more, actually—about me wanting to give an audience the best possible scenario, and to give them the most intense experience I can possibly deliver." Anyone who's seen Martin perform live in the last decade or so will know he's not kidding. For sheer teeth-gritting, trouser-flapping, sonic bombardment, there really isn't anyone like him. Martin draws inspiration from his experiences at dub soundclashes and concerts by groups like Swans, where the physical effects of sound on the body are as crucial as the tracks themselves.

For their RA Session, we set up at Bloc's venue in East London to give Martin and co the sonic headroom they'd need to let loose. They laid down a potent three-track set that captures the King Midas Sound experience, from apocalyptic torch songs to portentous drones and back again.


Director - Patrick Nation
Producer - Debbie Butts
Editor - Guy Clarke
Camera - Charlie Moore, Mattia Ramberti, Dan Higginson, Patrick Nation, Debbie Butts
Sound Engineer - Goh Nakada
Colourist - Adam Clarke

Real Scenes: LA

LA's reputation precedes itself. Around the world, Hollywood looms large, presenting America's second-biggest city as a land of palm trees, red carpets and celebrities. This couldn't be further from the truth. As Mahssa Taghinia of Mount Analog puts it, LA is a "geographical memoir, there's no truth or falsehood really, everybody's idea of LA is very personal." There is an escapist bent to the place, and many artists find a small patch of paradise to hole up and work on music.


Since the early '90s, artists from around the world have flown to LA every weekend to play back-alley spots whose locations remain unannounced until a few hours before the party starts. The word-of-mouth aspect of these events reflects a large trend in the city: so much of what LA has to offer happens behind closed doors.


Director: Patrick Nation

Editor: Sim Higginson

Associate producer: Matt McDermott

Producer: Debbie Butts

Executive producer: Ryan Keeling

Director of photography: Sim Higginson

Colourist: Adam Clarke

Dubbing mixer: Guy Clarke

Production manager: Lydia Starbek

Film production: Clockwise Media


Music in order of appearance: 

Blasé - Suites and Spices [ESP Institute] 2014

Damon Eliza Palermo - Inner Realm [Lovers Rock] 2014

Santiago Salazar - Your Club Went Hollywood [Wallshaker Music] 2010

Delroy Edwards - Can U Get With [Gene’s Liquor] 2014

Sage Caswell - Shiny Dog [Spring Theory] 2015

Diva - Desert of Yialmel [Unreleased] 2015

Matthewdavid’s Mindflight - Love’s Harp [Leaving Records] 2016

Tropic of Cancer - Court of Devotion [Blackest Ever Black] 2013

Sage Caswell - Then Before Now Once More [Best Of Television] 2015

Cromie - Onda [Amadeus Records] 2015 

Hypoxia - L'oublié [BL__k NOISE] 2015

Real Scenes: Mexico City

Life in the Mexican capital throws up many obstacles, but as we found out in the return of our long-running film series, a small number of dedicated people are trying to build an electronic music scene in one of the world's most chaotic cities.


Mexico City is one of the largest and most vibrant metropolises in the world, but its electronic music scene has yet to truly flourish. It's a city where vast inequality, crime and widespread corruption are everyday realities, and where nightclubs are largely reserved for the moneyed elites. For those who put music first, there are many obstacles—a lack of venues, a limited audience, very little financial gain. Whether you're putting on parties, releasing music or hustling for gigs, making ends meet is a constant struggle.


RA has travelled to the colourful, chaotic capital to meet the people who are trying to make dance music work in Mexico City. They found a core community as dedicated, talented and passionate as any in the world.

Producer / director: Patrick Nation

Editor: Sim Higginson

Associate producer: Carlos Hawthorn

Assistant producer: Debbie Butts

Executive producer: Ryan Keeling

Director of photography: Sim Higginson

Colourist: Adam Clarke

Dubbing mixer: Guy Clarke

Production manager: Lisa Telfer Brunton


Translations: Eva Oddi, Gloria Carnevali, Carlos Hawthorn

Film production: Clockwise Media

Special thanks to: Álvaro Inzua and Discoteca, Jésus Pacheco, Carlos Prieto, Gabriel Stargardter


Music in order of appearance:

White Visitation - Hossoslossohoss [RVNG Intl.] 2013

White Visitation - Years [RVNG Intl.] 2013

Rubinskee - Wrong No More 2014

AAAA - Mass Base (vocal mix) [Unreleased]

White Visitation - B2 [RVNG Intl.] 2013

AAAA - Voyager I (Maligna/Antime) 2014

Teen Flirt - Untitled [Pura Crema] 2012

Teen Flirt - Faithful [Finesse Records] 2014

Pettro - Hexagono (Century Remix) [Unreleased]

A-rp - Track 1 (from Micro EP)

Imaabs - Distancia [NAAFI] 2015

Imaabs - Densidad Cero (Lao Remix) [NAAFI] 2015

AAAA - Feedbacks [Unreleased]

Pettro - Hexagono (Century Remix) [Unreleased]


Between the Beats: Seth Troxler 


Fame is never straightforward. RA's latest film about touring DJs takes a journey across Europe with Seth Troxler, one of electronic music's most controversial and widely recognized characters.


There's a lot to unpack with Seth Troxler. The American DJ and producer has come to symbolize the notion of DJs as rock stars. He courts controversy, says what's on his mind and parties harder than most. But Troxler is no senseless hedonist. Since establishing himself in the late '00s through a string of leftfield house releases, he's become known as a man who thinks deeply about his art and his life. By simply being himself, Troxler attracted a kind of cult following—the fans, the hangers-on, the naysayers. As a result, he feels he struggles to be taken seriously, and he's keenly aware of how his lifestyle negatively impacts his relationships. But when you strip away all of these connected issues, you're left with a highly driven DJ who knows exactly what it takes to lead a life of the road.


Producer & Director - Patrick Nation

Director of Photography - Sim Higginson

Executive Producer - Ryan Keeling

Dubbing Mixer / Sound Designer - Guy Clarke

Colourist - Adam Clarke


Music in order of appearance /

The Martinez Brothers & Seth Troxler – Space & Time [Tuskegee Music] 2014

Hercules & Love Affair - I Try To Talk To You (Seth Troxler Remix) [Moshi Moshi] 2014

Douglas Greed - Driven (Seth Troxler Remix) [BPitch] 2014

Seth Troxler - Aphrika [Wolf + Lamb Music] 2009

Dave Aju - Caller #7 (Seth Troxler & Subb-an Remix) [Circus Company] 2012

Seth Troxler - Panic, Stop, Repeat! [Spectral Sound] 2009

Seth Troxler - Vangelis [Unreleased]

Seth Troxler - CZ [Unreleased]

Between the Beats: The Black Madonna (forthcoming)



Origins: Hieroglyphic Being 


Club culture might play a large role in your life, but for most people partying is a pastime. For Jamal Moss, nightclubs are his saviour, his surrogate family and his creative fire. He grew up in Chicago in the 1980s amid complicated circumstances. Adoption, bullying, rebellion and, ultimately, homelessness led Moss to find solace in strange places.

He was a regular at spots like Medusa's and the Reactor, where he began a musical and social education that continues to this day. House music became a gateway to other worlds and states of mind. These raw experiences eventually shaped Moss's music and DJing, as he made the sort of direct connection between his life and art that very few people are able to achieve.

His noisy, abstract transmissions as Hieroglyphic Being speak to the complex yet endlessly creative figure behind them—Moss has released over 30 albums and countless singles in a recording career that stretches back to the mid-'90s. In this latest ORIGINS film, we retrace Moss's steps as an "urban refugee" in Chicago, a story not of a victim but a survivor who thrived.


Director - Patrick Nation

Producer - Debbie Butts

Editor - Lindy Jankura 

Executive Producers - Ryan Keeling, Nick Sabine, Paul Clement 

Graphics - Christian Olofsson 

Dubbing Mixer - Guy Clarke 

Colourist - Adam Clarke 

Thanks to - Dirk van den Heuvel, Cordell Johnson, Melody Kirkwood, Dave Medusa, Fred Riley


Music in order of appearance:

I.F.M - Nuovo Ordine Mondiale [Mathematics Recordings, 2010]

Hieroglyphic Being - Rumori Circostanti Di Melody Pops & Clic & Silenzio [Air Texture, 2014]

Hieroglyphic Being Presents Analogous Doom - The Polyhedron Nest [Mathematics Recordings, 2008]

Echo 106 - Flute [Mathematics Recordings, 2010]

Florin Buechel - Stargazer (from The Soft House Experience Vol. 1) [Mathematics Recordings, 2010]

Bon Voyage - Ils Disent Que L'Orient Est Rouge (Ex- Les Aeroplanes) [Mathematics Recordings, 2015]  

John Heckle  - Shape Of The Universe [Mathematics Recordings, 2010]

Hieroglyphic Being - The Man With The Red Rhythm [Alter, 2013]

Kuba Sojka - Here Comes The Sunshine [Mathematics Recordings, 2011]

Hieroglyphic Being - Space Is The Place (But We Stuck Here On Earth) [+ + +, 2013]

John Heckle - Nothing Can Last Forever [Mathematics Recordings, 2011]

Origins: Magda

In the third edition of our film series, Magda Chojnacka describes her winding journey across multiple cities and countries.


The need to adapt to new environments has been a constant in Magda's life. She was nine years old when her family emigrated from Poland, leaving their hometown of Żywiec and resettling in Detroit, where Magda felt like she'd arrived in "hell." Years later, when Richie Hawtin took her under his wing and she became a staple of the Minus crew, the whirlwind of events was so overwhelming that she almost quit the whole thing.

Needless to say, challenges like these were invaluable in shaping the artist Magda is today. In our third episode of Origins, we revisit these experiences with Magda and hear how they determined the course of her career.



Director / Camera - Robin Kother

Producer - Debbie Butts

Executive Producers - Patrick Nation, Nick Sabine, Ryan Keeling

Dubbing Mixer - Guy Clarke

Colourist - Adam Clarke

Editors - Robin Kother, Patrick Nation

Origins: Bambounou

In our latest film in collaboration with SONOS, we hear about the difficult questions over race and identity that have shaped one of Paris's brightest new stars.


At the screening for this film in Paris on Wednesday evening, Bambounou understandably felt overwhelmed by having his life story told in front of his family and friends, but he also felt confused. "I keep having to switch between Polish, English and French," he said. This is the story of his life. Jéremy Guindo-Zegiestowski grew up in Paris with a Polish mother, who raised him as a single parent, and a Malian father. With his dad not around, Jéremy knew very little about his African heritage, and when he went to Poland with his mom, he would usually be the only black kid in the town and people would stare (or worse).


The sense of multiple identities, of not being one thing or the other, has defined both his life and his music. Jéremy's place as a key name in the recently resurgent Parisian scene was built on multiplicity. He's released two albums and a run of standout singles for Modeselektor's 50Weapons, and his music converges at an intersection between house, techno and bass music. Making tracks and playing gigs has provided Jéremy with a much-needed focus throughout the years. In many ways it's shaped his identity: in embracing different sounds and styles and embodying the mixture, he knows that he must do the exact same thing in his daily life.

Director / Camera - Patrick Nation
Producer - Debbie Butts
Executive Producers - Ryan Keeling, Nick Sabine, Paul Clement
Graphics - Christian Olofsson
Dubbing Mixer - Guy Clarke
Colourist - Adam Clarke
Translators - Michal Sulima, Hannah Benichou


Music in order of appearance:

Bambounou - Capsule Process [50Weapons, 2012]
Bambounou - Hyper [50Weapons, 2012]
Bambounou - Chrome [50Weapons, 2012]
Bambounou - Excluding Natalia [50Weapons, 2015]
Bambounou - Deepstaria [50Weapons, 2012]
Bambounou - Rhéa Rotation [Unreleased]
Bambounou - Challenger [50Weapons, 2012]

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